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Globalization and Regionalization are antecedents within the ongoing process of the increasing interrelation of markets, politics, institutions and society. Globalization leads to multilevel systems of interaction, whose actors are International organizations, the European Union, National and Regional governments. The role of non state and private actors is also noteworthy.

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The CISAlpino Institute for Comparative Studies in Europe (CCSE) is an international, nonprofit and independent institute dedicated to the commercial, social and political relevance of the cisalpino regions.

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Research events

Bergamo, November 8-9 2013
Technology Transfer Society Annual Conference
2013 Conference in Bergamo (Italy)


Bergamo, October 15 2012
International Workshop
University and Society: Challenges and Opportunities


Augsburg, August 20-21 2012
International Workshop
Academic Policy and the Knowloedge Theory of Entrepreneurship

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Bergamo, June 18-23 2012
Entrepreneurship Week
Young Researchers Workshop
La relazione terapeutica nella pratica medica e nelle policies sanitarie
Driving Innovation

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Bergamo, September 21-23 2011
Technology Transfer Society Annual Conference
2011 Conference in Augsburg (Germany)


Bergamo, April 8 2011
Kick Off of the Cooperation between the University of Bergamo and the University of Augsburg
Research and Practice in Technology Transfer