Bergamo town information

Bergamo is…

…an historical medieval town of 120’000 people with a mix of diverse architecture, impressive art collection and special gastronomy.
…divided into two cities:

“Città Bassa”, the busy and modern lower city
“Città Alta”, the upper city with its rich heritage of art and history

…a growing tourist attraction
…a bridge between Western and Eastern culture

Bergamo airport is the Southern Europe hub for Ryanair

The Economic Heart of Europe

Bergamo has…

…one of the highest per capita GDP in Europe
…rich entrepreneurial activity (Small and Medium Enterprises)
…export-oriented specialized manufacture industry
…multinational companies based in the Bergamo area: Brembo, Gewiss, Italcementi, SIAD, Tenaris Group


Day trips

One hour’s travel from Bergamo. Here you can shop or visit the famous Gothic cathedral (Duomo). Milan will also host Expo 2015.


The well known historical town built on the sea is only 2 – hours drive from Bergamo, and 2.5 hours by train.

Lake Como

Beautiful area between the Alps, is also at one hour and a half drive.


The city of Romeo and Juliet, is at one hour and 15 min drive.


Historical town, at one hour and 20 min drive.

For further information please visit pro-loco Bergamo’s web site.

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